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Born in an international family, I was raised as a broad-minded and free-thinking  individual, open for everything new.

After graduation from Ukrainian University in English and German Studies, I moved to Germany, where I began my second Bachelor in Theater, Film and Media Studies. During my studies I fall in love with theater, cinematography and acting, so in 2014 I moved to the movie making capital - Los Angeles to experience the magic of filmmaking industry. After having some internships at the Universal Studios Hollywood, 65th International Berlin Film Festival and local Film Festivals such as: 16th GoEast Festival and 9th Lichter Film Festival, I realized that I wanted to be a part of the cinematographic and theatrical world, so I decided to start acting. Since 2015 I constantly take part on different acting trainings and workshops in order to improve my acting skills. Since 2017 I perform on stage in such theatres as Theaterperipherie, Kulturhaus Frankfurt and Megalomania Theater Frankfurt, which helps me to grow as an actress even more.   

Apart of Performing Arts I have another passion, which is Visual Arts.  I've been painting   ever since I can remember, but in Germany I started to do my art professionally, here I sold first paintings and had first exhibitions.

I never stop to develop myself and my artistic skills, getting inspiration from the surrounding world. I guess that is the cultural mixture in me, so to say Chechen spirit and Ukrainian soul, which puss me forward.

I currently live and work in Frankfurt am Main devoting my life, just as this website, to my passions: acting and painting.

Marina Arsangerieva

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